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Snowman Paul Returns to the Winter Olympics

Everything is about to change when Snowman Paul is invited to serve as a referee at the Winter Games! But, will this opportunity to bask in Olympic glory spoil Snowman Paul's friendship with Dan and all the other kids?

This book teaches your kid the meaning of true friendship and the importance of being yourself!


"Look, I must study all of this.
These are the rules I cannot miss.
Here are some things I still must get.
And this is stuff I can't forget.

I can no longer play with you."

"But Paul," I asked, "what will we do?"

"Don't know..." said Paul. "Let's wait and see.
Now I must learn to referee!"

Paul is a snowman who is not afraid to be different or work hard in pursuit of his dreams. Fast paced and stunningly illustrated with full-page watercolors, this whimsical rhyming story will be enjoyed by children and parents alike. It is perfect for cold winter days and warm summer times. It is a great bedtime story, and it is ideal for beginner readers. It makes a beautiful gift, and it will show you how much fun winter can be if you embrace your imagination. 

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Title and Author

Title: Snowman Paul Returns to the Winter Olympics

Authored by: Yossi Lapid

Illustrated by: Joanna Pasek

Product Info

ISBN-13: 978-0999336144


ISBN-10: 0997389982

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction, Growing Up & Facts of Life,  Friendship, Social Skills & School Life, Bullies


8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm)

Full Color Bleed on White paper

50 pages

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